27 Jan 2017

Saboteur sales doubled in two years!

Time for an update of the Saboteur sales figures.

After 12 years on the market, the sales numbers are still increasing. As you can see on the graph, the sales of 2016 reached nearly 400 000 copies per year. Compared to 2014, this means that the sales numbers nearly doubled. The graph shows also the impact of the different versions of the game. The basic small box is still the best-seller, but the other versions are boosting the sales numbers.

Let's have a look how the sales are distributed among the different markets.

Western Europe is the top region with 50% of the sales numbers. France, the Benelux and Germany are leading. A strong growing market is Eastern Europe which includes the Baltic States, Russia, Poland, Hungary and some smaller markets.
The market of Germany is smaller than France, the Benelux or the USA. This is quite surprising as Amigo, the main publishe, is German. An explanation could be that their new releases appear approximatively 2 years later than the other countries. Saboteur - The Duel for example which is on the market since 2015 is only launched this spring in Germany. 

Saboteur - the Duel, the latest addition is selling very well. The sales numbers reach already 100 000 copies in two years. The top markets are the Benelux, followed by France and the USA. 

Thanks a lot for enjoying this game and spreading the game passion.

To put things a little bit in perspective: I've also got the sales figures of the game "Knock Out", on the US market since 2014. The publisher managed to sell 12 copies in 2016.

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