14 Apr 2008

Tips and tricks

To win the game, you must use all your cunning.

One of the key elements in the game is to take the initiative at the right moment. Mostly, this means taking risks.

However, sometimes risks are low, especially when the 3 selected cards offer no particular risk for you.

Example : If the pick is a lobster, a carp and a present, you may normally accept any gift card without hesitating.

At other moments, risks are high and can better be avoided.

Example : If the pick is a piglet, a poison and an umbra, you have a pretty chance that you will get a gift that you don't like.

Observing which cards opponents select and keep for themselves, gives you valuable clues on which goals your opponents have.

Example : If someone keeps a present, he might be particularly interested in presents. If someone gives a dagger away, he might be a conspirator.

Once you have an idea who has which objective, you have extra trumps to hinder your opponents.

Example : You can discard a present or a dagger to avoid that your opponents get those cards.

Sometimes, you might be forced to help an opponent.

Example : If there are 2 accepted daggers and you are not a conspirator, you must help Caligula by discarding a dagger which becomes available. Otherwise, you risk losing the game in favor of the conspirators.

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