31 Jul 2008


The rules mention on page 5: "Place the Privilege card facedown in front of you. The Privilege card remains secret...".
This must become: "Show the Privilege card. The target card of the Privilege card remains secret as long as ..."

When playing a Claim/Exchange Privilege card, you must ALWAYS wait to reveal the Gift, Keep or Discard card until the Gift card is accepted.
Otherwise, the player who is offered the Gift card, has extra information to accept Gift card or not.


Sergio said...

It's not so clear this clarification...or why is necessary!

I've not played yet at this game, but i'v read the rule-book:
PLAYER A give to B a Gift card;
PLAYER B accept thi Gift;
PLAYER C plays a CLAIM privilege card and gets this Gift card;
PLAYER c applies the effects of Gift card.

It's correct?

Frederic said...


Sergio said...

Well, I've played two times and I have not clear yet this situation:

On the reule book is written:
You may only play Claim or an Exchange Privilege card when a gift card is given to a player, but before that player makes his decision on accepting the card.
The Privilege card remains secret as long as the gift card has not been accepted. once the gift card is accepted, flip the Privilege card face up and apply its effect - then resolve the gift card.

It's not clear: i say "i want to play a Claim", then i place the Privilege Card face down?

Can you post an example of play of thi situation?

Thank you!