7 Mar 2010

As d'or - Jeu de l'année Enfant

Cache Moutons, alias Nicht zu fassen, has been awarded again.
After Spiele hit in Austria and a nomination for the Kinderspiel des Jahres, the game has won the prestigious As d'or - Jeu de l'année Enfant. The gala evening took place in Cannes. This new award will surely give a strong boost to the game, and not only in France.

On the picture above, you see from left to right : Jean-Christophe Girez, the French publisher from Gigamic, Albrecht Werstein, the boss of Zoch Spiele (German publisher) and myself.

On the picture below, on the front row, you see all the winners together : myself, Philippe Keyaerts, winner of the Special Jury Prize with Smallworld and finally Emilie from Asmodee with Identik.

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Fabio said...

Complimenti. Il gioco è veramente bello !!