26 Apr 2011


According to the rules, all vampires must announce in which direction they flee when leaving a room with a hunter.
To give Dracula and his minions a small advantage, you can agree to skip this rule.

In this way, a vampire can use his last movement point to disappear. The hunters will have to guess where the vampire moves to.

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ISMAIL said...

Mr. Moyersoen hello.
Thank you for your creativity.
I bought your Van Helsing game to play with my family. (we are 4)
I read carefully rule book with my wife. But we cannot understand 'BRIDES'.
At the start of game, where are the brides? (We cannot place the bride tales nor brides figures on the game table.) How can Dracula find them? He know where are they already? It is not clear for us.
Thank you for your kind reply.
Best Regards.