11 Jul 2014

Board Game Arena puts Saboteur 2 online

From now on, you can play Saboteur 2 online. Besides, it's totally free.
Board Game Arena (BGA), a community for online gamers, has already put the basic game Saboteur online in 2012. Thanks to its huge success, the developers were also interested in programming the expansion, Saboteur 2.
This expansion adds new characters and action cards, making the game a little bit more complex, but that's exactly what the players on BGA are looking for.
If you want to try the expansion before buying a boxed version or if you just want to play it for free, follow this link to BGA.



Sergii said...

Hi Frederic!
boardgamearena.com has a serious bug in the rules!
Splitting the treasure at the end of the round is wrong.
The winner is only one team gold miners who opened the gold even if there are no doors in the tunnel...

They do not listen to the players, who point to this bug for a year!


Help us please!

Frederic said...

Hi Sergii,

BGA answered me already.

In fact, both of you are right. Your issue has revealed a translation error.
The programmers of BGA have followed the French rule version of the game. This rule, which I’ve checked long time ago, contains a badly translated sentence which is the cause of the wrong interpretation.

I will inform BGA of it and more importantly the French distributor.

I will keep you updated of any change applied by BGA.

Best regards,


Sergii said...

Hello, Frederic!

Thank you very much!

We are pleased to play your games with the whole
family (4-40 years old)and we will be happy to see
the correct rules at online version of Saboteur 2

Best regards,

Sergii said...

Hello, Frederic!


The rules have changed ... again
Which ones are true?

Give a link to the correct rules please.
In Ukrainian (and Russian) versions of both teams win ...

"туннель не заблокирован ни одной дверью – побеждают обе команды
Золотоискателей" = "the tunnel is not locked any doors - both teams win"