24 Feb 2009

Advanced game play

The first reactions on the game are very enthusiastic.

Here are some suggestions how to improve the game fun (chaos) when playing with "big" kids :

  • Play the game with the most players as possible : even 7 players work fine.
  • Select the most "wolfish" player to start playing as the wolf.
  • Place the finger-puppet on your little finger as your forefinger will be too large. Use the puppet in any case. It adds an extra "fun" dimension to the game.
  • The wolf may count faster from 1 till 10 or counts only from 1 till 5.
  • When he has finished counting, the wolf must quickly turn his head back towards the table.
  • He must growl like a wolf when sniffing against the hide-outs (use your imagination).
  • Play the game in rounds to allow each one to become the wolf once.
  • The goats require only 6 stones instead of 7 to win the game (especially suggested with 5 to 6 players).

Have fun!!!

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