12 Feb 2009

Sales Saboteur are booming

The sales figures of the game Saboteur have arrived and I'm very glad to announce that the cape of 200 000 copies have been rounded. The game is on the market since 2004.

Last year, the sales have increased by 60 % compared to the sales of 2007. More than 60 000 copies have been sold during one year, which means an average of 170 copies per day or 7 copies per hour. Not bad for such a small game, isn't it.

Of course, the sales have boomed thanks to the worldwide distribution of it. The latest new market is South-Africa.
The bulk of the sales (60 %) have been achieved in Germany and France. The first thanks to the excellent distribution of the editor Amigo Spiele and the latter thanks to the nice presentation in a metal box of Gigamic.

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Leo said...

Hy Frederic

I´m Leonardo Borlot Valentim from Brazil.

I´m looking for informations abot how can I make and sell you Saboteur on the Brazil? Wich your kind of price or any business?

Please, write me fron the e-mail leonardoborlot@gmail.com