14 Oct 2010


As explained earlier, you have as many actions points as your actual blood points. Each action costs one action point. In your turn, you can :
- move
- search
- use an object
- attack

You have 4 Action points. Van Helsing moves 3 times and searches the room. You flip over the marker and find the master keys. Now, you can open any locked door.

Dracula has 5 actions points. He moves secretly by noting the arrival dots on a log sheet. Nevertheless, at the start of his turn, he must announce where he is standing. So, the player reveals that Dracula is standing in zone n°20. Dracula enters the room of Van Helsing (1 action). He attacks him twice (2 actions). Then, he moves away to zone n° 19 in order to be hidden again (2 actions). He notes n°19 on his log.

Next: how to attack?

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