27 Oct 2010

How to attack?

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Case 1 : Van Helsing enters a room and discovers Dracula. He can immediately attack, using his last 2 action points. He uses his pistol and needs a 2 or less to succeed. Unfortunately, he rolls 3 and 6. He misses both attacks.

Case 2 : Dracula fights back using his claws. He has still 5 Blood points and requires a 5 or less to succeed. He attacks 3 times and rolls 2, 3 and 6.

Van Helsing gets 2 hits and lowers his Blood points from 4 to 2. Above this, he must drop one of his objects (at his choice).

Next Dracula tries to bite Van Helsing. In contrary to a claw-attack, Van Helsing must roll the die. He needs 2 or less to remain unharmed (equal as his actual Blood points). Van Helsing rolls 3 and loses 2 extra Blood points. He becomes undead and transforms in a vampire. He loses all his objects in the zone.
Note: if Dracula would have failed his bite-attack, he would have lost one Blood point.
Finally, Dracula disappears in an adjacent room.

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