8 Feb 2011

Clarifications Saboteur 2

English version: 

When a saboteur, boss, geologist or profiteer creates the connection to the gold, he makes the gold-diggers wins the round.
  • If there is no blocking door, both teams win together.
  • If there is one blocking door, the team of the blocking door, wins.
  • If there are 2 blocking doors (green and blue), the boss and profiteer can win (together or alone). All the other gold-diggers have lost. If none of both is present, nobody wins.
If the boss wins alone, he gets 4 points. If the profiteer wins alone, he gets 3 points.

Version française:

Quand un saboteur, boss, géologue ou profiteur atteint la pépite d'or, il fait gagner les chercheurs d'or.
  • S'il n'y a aucune porte qui bloque le chemin, les 2 équipes gagnent ensemble.
  • S'il y a une porte qui bloque le chemin, l'équipe dont c'est la bonne porte, gagne.
  • S'il y a 2 portes de couleur différente qui bloquent le chemin, le boss et le profiteur peuvent gagner (ensemble ou seul). Tous les autres personnages ont perdus. Si aucun des deux est présent, personne ne gagne.
 Si le boss gagne seul, il reçoit 4 points. Si le profiteur gagne seul, il reçoit 3 points.

Nederlandstalige versie: 

Wanneer een saboteur, baas, geoloog of profiteur de verbinding met het goud maakt, doet hij de goudzoekers winnen.
  • Als geen enkele deur de weg blokkeert, dan winnen beide teams samen.
  • Als er één deur de weg blokkeert, dan wint het team van de betreffende deur.
  • Als 2 verschillende gekleurde deuren de weg blokkeren, dan kunnen de baas en de profiteur (samen of alleen) winnen.  Alle anderen hebben verloren. Als geen van beiden aanwezig is, dan wint niemand.
 Als de baas alleen wint, dan krijgt hij 4 punten. Als de profiteur alleen wint, dan krijgt hij 3 punten.


    Anonymous said...

    Dear Designer, We have been playing Saboteurs 2 since yesterday by 2 people and we have some doubts about counting the points.
    Firstly, the Dutch instruction says that if the boss or profiteer win alone, they get more points (4 and 3 respectively). This does not appear in the English instruction at all. Why is it so?
    Secondly, if the profiteer or the boss win alone, there is the question of the Geologist. Does he count as a winner? Does "winning alone" for the boss or profiteer means "not with gold-diggers or saboteur teams" (suggested by English phrasing) or "any other winner, including the Geologist" (as suggested by Dutch phrasing).
    It would be great to get some clarification on this. Otherwise, the game is very enjoyable!
    PS. Apologies for cross posting, it took a while to figure out how to post under the relevant thread.

    Anonymous said...

    If the boss or profiteer wins alone then there is 1 winner. 1 winner is 4 gold. Minus 1 for boss or minus 2 for profiteer.

    Frederic said...

    The Dutch instruction has been written after the English one. Besides, I've corrected it myself.

    The geologist is never taken into account to determine winners. Winning alone means "alone" (without counting the geolistists as written above).

    Frederic said...

    If you win alone as a gold-digger, you get 5 gold instead of 4.

    Dajano said...

    Hi, I have comment on this.
    In the french version I bought it is written, as you said, that, if a saboteur, boss, geologist or profiteer creates the connection and there are TWO different doors then Boss wins but NOT the gold diggers . But it is also written that if the Boss is NOT present then saboteurs win. I imagine (but I am not totally agree :-) , see below) that in both cases also profiteer wins.
    This is slightly different from what you wrote.
    Tell me the correct interpretation, please.

    I have also another question. What happens if a gold digger connect the gold and there are two different doors? Who win?

    I also would like to understand the logic which is under the game.

    In my mind the Boss acts as both green and bleu, so he has the keys of both doors. While profiteer has no keys and he profites at the end of the victory of the teams of gold diggers or saboteurs (This is just my interpretation).

    So for me if someone (gold-diggers or someone else) connect the gold and there are two different door ONLY the boss should win (alone, WITHOUT profiteer) since he is the unique who has both the keys and is not part of any team (so profiteer loses). And if the boss is not present then nobody reaches the gold so saboteurs win together to the profiteer.

    Tell me please if this logic is correct or what is the correct interpretation. I am very sorry for the long question but the point of the victory with two different doors is a very obscure point of the game/

    Unknown said...

    Question regarding the ladders:
    Can you place a ladder card to connect only the stone sides, or is it necessary to place it connecting to the current path. It is only described as required to place it next to a "path card" which could have a stone or include a path portion on the corresponding side. I realize that either way, the sides must match up.

    Frederic said...

    No, one of the paths on the ladder card must connect to an existing path. Two ladder cards have a dead-end. This was a deliberate choice to make the cards less powerful. If you can connect a ladder card as you wish (rock against rock), the card becomes too powerful in my opinion.

    Anonymous said...

    Hallo and congratulations to the design of a fun game! I would appriciate an answer to a question, a clearification. It´s about the ladder-cards. Can you place a ladder behind a cave-in? The rules says it always is in contact with any athoer ladder card.