14 Feb 2011

New sales results

The total sales for Saboteur has now reached 350 000 copies.
France has beaten Germany with 90 000 against 83 000 sold copies.
The third place goes for the Netherlands with 38 000 sold copies, which is not bad for such a small country.

Note that the sales numbers of the extension is not included in this graph (as the extension is just launched). 

To compare: my next best selling game Lari Safari, which is nearly out of stock, has reached 21 000 sold copies since 2005. Nicht zu fassen, which has been launched in 2009, has reached 17 000 sold copies. As the game is only available in Germany and France, this explains the big sales difference with Saboteur.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Designer, We have been playing Saboteurs 2 since yesterday by 2 people and we have some doubts about counting the points.
Firstly, the Dutch instruction says that if the boss or profiteer win alone, they get more points (4 and 3 respectively). This does not appear in the English instruction at all. Why is it so?
Secondly, if the profiteer or the boss win alone, there is the question of the Geologist. Does he count as a winner? Does "winning alone" for the boss or profiteer means "not with gold-diggers or saboteur teams" (suggested by English phrasing) or "any other winner, including the Geologist" (as suggested by Dutch phrasing).
It would be great to get some clarification on this. Otherwise, the game is very enjoyable!