16 Mar 2012

Saboteur online

Board Game Arena is a multi-lingual platform for online gaming. Their newest addition is the game Saboteur (basic version), which they just finished programming.

Now, you can play the game online in real-time with opponents around the world. Besides, it's totally free.
What I like about it, is the chatting during the game. It makes all the fun and gives a similar experience as playing around the table.

If you like the website, you can give a donation and become a club member.
If you like the game, you get a link where to buy it (or you go to your local shop).


Above, you see one of my last gameplays at the end of one round. Guess who was the saboteur this time...


Narnokatt said...

Salut, quel est ton nom d'utilisateur sur BGA qu'on se fasse une partie un de ces quatre ;-)

fourmii66 said...

Excellent Fred... Bien joué...