13 Mar 2012

Whitewater on the market

The new game Whitewater has been launched in the US.

On the picture below, you see 4 rafts approaching the next river bend. Rocks announce that the passage will be anything but safe. Of course, you can paddle to the right and go along the rocks, but as it is a race, you are here to take a few risks.
The curved icons on the board indicate a whirlpool and a particular dangerous place. When you land upon it, you have to roll the corresponding die: blue being easy, red being moderate and black being very risky.
The dangers vary from pivoting your raft (mostly in the wrong direction), losing a paddle, losing a man overboard and capsizing.
There is a lot of pushing involved and people take pleasure in pushing their opponents into the most dangerous spots.

Important to notice is that you control 2 rafts. Each raft is shared with another (different) player. Before starting the race, you decide secretly which of your rafts you want to win the race. So, you have a certain interest in moving faster or slower one particular raft.

If you are looking for some adventure and if you are not afraid becoming wet, this game is for you.

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John Dickinson said...

I have raft A and raft B. I play all action cards for raft A. I then play all action cards for raft B. In playing raft B action cards, I turn over one energy card. Can I then play the energy card on raft A in the same turn?