19 Mar 2008

The characters

Which are the characters who participate at the decadent feast?

Caligula, the young emperor, who took the power after the dead of his uncle Tiberius. His taste for fine wine and chicks (both animal and human) is well-known.

Agrippina, sister of Caligula. Despite her fragile look, she caught the attention of Caligula. Brother and sister, that's a dangerous mix. A few presents will make her compliant.

Caesonia, the 4th wife of Caligula. She was a notorious courtisane in a former life. She needs presents to shut her mouth and eyes.

Claudius, the uncle of Caligula, will succeed Caligula on the throne after his death. For the moment, his interest is limited to filling his mouth.

Messalina, the wife of Claudius, has a lawless reputation. Eating and drinking are her main interest for this evening.

Vespasianus is the glutton of the guests. His appetite is legendary as the cleansing is on the day after.

These 3 fellows are the conspirators. They are waiting upon the right moment to stab their dagger in the back of the emperor.

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