30 Mar 2008

Caligula and conspirators

The emperor Caligula has the choice between 2 objectives : one is to eat 2 dishes and drink a total of 5 Wine points. The other is to put 3 characters out of play.

A character is out of play when the buckle must be moved beyond hole 10 of its belt. This happens when the character has accepted too much food, wine or poison. Luckly, the player himself is not out of the game. He simply gets a new character.

For this reason, there are 9 characters (for a maximum of 5 players). However, to avoid an endless game, only 2 players may get a new character. A third dead character means a victory for Caligula.

The conspirators win by killing Caligula or when 3 daggers have been accepted by any character (3 daggers are visible next to the displays). Thus, when Caligula plays the game safely and avoids any dangerous card, he can still lose the game when there are too many daggers in play.

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