18 Mar 2008

Bacchus' Banquet intro

In April Mayfair Games will release a new game, named Bacchus' banquet.
What is it about?

Emperor Caligula, nicknamed "small boots", has invited you for dinner and as you have some place in your belly (you are always thirsty and hungry), you are delighted to participate at a new drinking and eating orgy.

However, when you arrive at the villa, you only notice the scum of Rome as dining guests. Probably one of the crazy jokes of the Emperor himself. By inviting only the most disgusting people, he clearly indicates what he is thinking about you.
Enough is enough. Time for revenge.

From now on, you will participate at the dinner with a hidden agenda (and a dagger in your toga)...

This is your belt.
The most important rule in the game is that when you are eating dishes, you move the buckle as many spaces as the value of the dish.

Example : when you eat this delicious piglet, move your buckle 4 spaces to the right.

Keep care not to pass beyond n°10. You do not want me to explain what will happen then...

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