28 Mar 2008

The objectives

As the careful reader of this blog (no not you, pal) has already deducted, each character has his own objective. Some want to eat and/or drink, some want only presents and some want to kill Caligula.

Each player gets a display with an overview of all characters' objectives.

At the start of the game, each player gets also one secret character card. Only the player who gets the card of Caligula must reveal his card and keep it face-up.

Because if nobody knows who is the emperor, how do the conspirators know which player they must target?

Allright, you could have imagined it yourself. You are far more clever as you looks.

All accepted cards are placed face-up next to your display. In this way, you can start guessing which player has which objective.

Example : Nero has accepted 2 presents already. Maybe he might be Agrippina or Caesonia.

The 3 cards that a player selects to discard, keep and give away, gives also clues who might be who.

Example : Julia has offered a dagger as a gift. She could be one of the conspirators.

Of course, deception is always possible and experienced players must be observed with consideration.

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