27 Mar 2008

The gift card

When a card is offered as a gift, you may accept or refuse the card.

If you accept it, you reveal the card and adjust your buckle the right number of spaces as indicated by the card. Besides, you get the initiative for the next turn.

If you refuse it, you pass the card to another player who has not been offered the gift yet.

Now comes the tricky rule : If all players refuse the card, the card returns to the first player who as offered the card.

Example : A player offers you the gift card. Can you thrust him? What could be the gift card : the poison, the piglet or the feather? Your buckle is at hole 4, so your character is out of play when accepting the poison. You can safely accept the piglet or the feather. You take the risk and accepts the card, which appears to be the piglet. Now, you move your buckle 4 spaces to the right. You have the initiative for the next turn.

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