21 Nov 2008

Order info

Porto Seguro is not available in ordinary shops, but you can order it at a very cheap price 5,5 € (+ 1,44 postage for Belgian people).

Mail to : pers@acw.be

As this game is published in a limited edition, do not wait too long...

20 Nov 2008

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A picture tells more than thousand words.

How do you climb?

Each crate has 6 coloured sides. Each side shows one of a monkey's favourite foods : bananas, strawberries, nuts, grapes, blueberries and leaves. You pay a food token per side that you use to climb on the crates.
In this example, you must pay one blueberrie and one banana token.

4 Nov 2008

Idea of the game

You are one of the four monkeys in the Mount Simian Zoo.
During the night, you try to escape from the enclosure by building a tower with some scattered fruit crates. From the top of it, it should be possible to leap into the nearby banana tree and head towards the closest disco of the town.
However, only one monkey can escape. The others must cover his flight by hiding his tracks.
Will you be the one who will spend the night in the town or do you have to stay behind until the next escape attempt?

In the coming days, you will get here more info on this game.