27 Oct 2010

How to attack?

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Case 1 : Van Helsing enters a room and discovers Dracula. He can immediately attack, using his last 2 action points. He uses his pistol and needs a 2 or less to succeed. Unfortunately, he rolls 3 and 6. He misses both attacks.

Case 2 : Dracula fights back using his claws. He has still 5 Blood points and requires a 5 or less to succeed. He attacks 3 times and rolls 2, 3 and 6.

Van Helsing gets 2 hits and lowers his Blood points from 4 to 2. Above this, he must drop one of his objects (at his choice).

Next Dracula tries to bite Van Helsing. In contrary to a claw-attack, Van Helsing must roll the die. He needs 2 or less to remain unharmed (equal as his actual Blood points). Van Helsing rolls 3 and loses 2 extra Blood points. He becomes undead and transforms in a vampire. He loses all his objects in the zone.
Note: if Dracula would have failed his bite-attack, he would have lost one Blood point.
Finally, Dracula disappears in an adjacent room.

14 Oct 2010


As explained earlier, you have as many actions points as your actual blood points. Each action costs one action point. In your turn, you can :
- move
- search
- use an object
- attack

You have 4 Action points. Van Helsing moves 3 times and searches the room. You flip over the marker and find the master keys. Now, you can open any locked door.

Dracula has 5 actions points. He moves secretly by noting the arrival dots on a log sheet. Nevertheless, at the start of his turn, he must announce where he is standing. So, the player reveals that Dracula is standing in zone n°20. Dracula enters the room of Van Helsing (1 action). He attacks him twice (2 actions). Then, he moves away to zone n° 19 in order to be hidden again (2 actions). He notes n°19 on his log.

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1 Oct 2010

The castle

Here is a 3D view of the castle of Dracula.

The gameboard consists of 3 parts, each part showing one level of the castle.

Each zone has a number, which is useful for the vampire player, as he will move secretly (more or less in a similar way as in "Nuns on the run"). Zone n° 34 indicates the coffin of Dracula. He will start there and he must try to reach it back after finding his brides.
You can move from one level to the other by using one of the 5 small towers.
The dotted squares indicate the places where object counters will be put down. The characters will be able to pick them up and add them on their sheet.

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