12 Dec 2012

Rio D'Oro becomes El Dorado

Torre de Jogos, a Portugese game publisher, has released a Portugese/Spanish version of Die Brücke am Rio d'Oro.

Very curiously, the difficulty level of the game has dropped from 8+ to 6+, while the rules are similar. Apparently, the kids in the Iberian peninsula are smarter than in Germany!

3 Oct 2012

Fieser Zauber

The German publisher Haba is launching Fieser Zauber, which means "Wicked Sorcery", a new childern's game for the Essen Game Fair.

It's a dice rolling-reaction game. You roll 4 dice, look at the result and depending of what you see, you must grab 2 wooden pieces which are missing or you must pass the dice without grabbing anything. The first one who can fill his board with 6 figures, wins the game. Very stressful.

The game is enjoyable for adults too. In fact, I didn't designed it as a childern's game in particular.

The multi-langual first edition
The nice components of the game

9 Aug 2012

App for Nuns on the Run

Stephen Orr has written a cool application for Nuns on the Run.

The purpose is to handle all the line-of-sight issues for you (it's an assistant, not a complete game).
The application requires iOS 5.1 or later (Ipad only).

For info: 

8 Aug 2012

Ninja extension free playtest

Whoever wants to playtest the extension can ask me the files by simply sending an email to me.
You will get a new castle map, a new private map, 20 extra cards and a sheet with extra rules. Note that it's a prototype version. The graphics are less exciting than the original game.

In return, I would appreciate your feedback.

22 Mar 2012

Why I design games

"Why the hell am I designing games?"

Ewan Derrick asked me to give an anwer on this bold question and put it on his blog.

So, if you are curious to read some deep philosophical observations and silly anecdotes, follow this link.

16 Mar 2012

Saboteur online

Board Game Arena is a multi-lingual platform for online gaming. Their newest addition is the game Saboteur (basic version), which they just finished programming.

Now, you can play the game online in real-time with opponents around the world. Besides, it's totally free.
What I like about it, is the chatting during the game. It makes all the fun and gives a similar experience as playing around the table.

If you like the website, you can give a donation and become a club member.
If you like the game, you get a link where to buy it (or you go to your local shop).


Above, you see one of my last gameplays at the end of one round. Guess who was the saboteur this time...

13 Mar 2012

Whitewater on the market

The new game Whitewater has been launched in the US.

On the picture below, you see 4 rafts approaching the next river bend. Rocks announce that the passage will be anything but safe. Of course, you can paddle to the right and go along the rocks, but as it is a race, you are here to take a few risks.
The curved icons on the board indicate a whirlpool and a particular dangerous place. When you land upon it, you have to roll the corresponding die: blue being easy, red being moderate and black being very risky.
The dangers vary from pivoting your raft (mostly in the wrong direction), losing a paddle, losing a man overboard and capsizing.
There is a lot of pushing involved and people take pleasure in pushing their opponents into the most dangerous spots.

Important to notice is that you control 2 rafts. Each raft is shared with another (different) player. Before starting the race, you decide secretly which of your rafts you want to win the race. So, you have a certain interest in moving faster or slower one particular raft.

If you are looking for some adventure and if you are not afraid becoming wet, this game is for you.

20 Jan 2012

New sales figs Saboteur

As I'm a fan of statistics, especially when the figures are good, here are the new sales results for the game Saboteur. About 130 000 copies of Saboteur were sold in 2011, which is twice as much as in 2010. The total sales have now reached 480 000 samples! The successful launch of Saboteur 2 is probably the simpliest explanation of this exceptional result.
Also interesting is to evaluate how the sales are distributed over the 8 years. France is leading with 24 %, followed by Germany 19%. The Benelux represents 14% of the worldwide sales, which is not bad for a population of 28 million people. After the USA, we have the Baltic States on the 5th position, which is in fact an extraordinary result because its population is only 6,6 million people.
Actually, there are 21 different language versions available.

Besides these official sales numbers there are also numerous pirate Chinese copies for sale, but as these generate no royalties, I can't include them in the graphs.

Thanks for your interest in the game.