11 Jul 2014

Board Game Arena puts Saboteur 2 online

From now on, you can play Saboteur 2 online. Besides, it's totally free.
Board Game Arena (BGA), a community for online gamers, has already put the basic game Saboteur online in 2012. Thanks to its huge success, the developers were also interested in programming the expansion, Saboteur 2.
This expansion adds new characters and action cards, making the game a little bit more complex, but that's exactly what the players on BGA are looking for.
If you want to try the expansion before buying a boxed version or if you just want to play it for free, follow this link to BGA.


6 Jul 2014

Bedpans & broomsticks release

The long expected game (at least by myself) Bedpans & Broomsticks is finally released in the US by Mayfair Games. It's my fourth game in their collection.

It's all about elderly people trying to escape from their residence. Unfortunately, they have a small problem. They have forgotten where the exit is located. So, you have to search the different rooms and floors of the residence and avoid being caught by the nurses and the doctor.

It's designed as a funny escape game.