23 Nov 2010

Lock markers

The Lock markers are rather big and risk to cover counters and zone numbers.

My fellow Eric Hanuise proposed to use matches instead of the markers.

Vinciane on the other hand proposed to use plastic bases from another game. Now, the locks fit better in-between two zones.

16 Nov 2010

The figures

Zvezda, the publisher of the game, has sculpted very nice figures. Of course, they come unpainted in the box, but look here how expressive they become with a quick brush of colour.

Example : How to paint Dracula in 10 minutes?
1) Use acrylic colours : they dry quickly.
2) Paint first the figure in black.
3) When the colour is dry, add some delicate grey tones with a dry brush in order to lighten up the details.
4) Clean your brush and add red details on his cape.
5) Clean your brush thoroughly and paint his face white and add dark eyebrows (in brown or black).
6) Put some brown on his boots. It's dirty in his castle.
7) If you are as clumsy as me, correct now your mistakes.
8) Stop your stopwatch. You are ready!