23 Nov 2010

Lock markers

The Lock markers are rather big and risk to cover counters and zone numbers.

My fellow Eric Hanuise proposed to use matches instead of the markers.

Vinciane on the other hand proposed to use plastic bases from another game. Now, the locks fit better in-between two zones.

16 Nov 2010

The figures

Zvezda, the publisher of the game, has sculpted very nice figures. Of course, they come unpainted in the box, but look here how expressive they become with a quick brush of colour.

Example : How to paint Dracula in 10 minutes?
1) Use acrylic colours : they dry quickly.
2) Paint first the figure in black.
3) When the colour is dry, add some delicate grey tones with a dry brush in order to lighten up the details.
4) Clean your brush and add red details on his cape.
5) Clean your brush thoroughly and paint his face white and add dark eyebrows (in brown or black).
6) Put some brown on his boots. It's dirty in his castle.
7) If you are as clumsy as me, correct now your mistakes.
8) Stop your stopwatch. You are ready!

27 Oct 2010

How to attack?

See the trailer by clicking on the label Videos!

Case 1 : Van Helsing enters a room and discovers Dracula. He can immediately attack, using his last 2 action points. He uses his pistol and needs a 2 or less to succeed. Unfortunately, he rolls 3 and 6. He misses both attacks.

Case 2 : Dracula fights back using his claws. He has still 5 Blood points and requires a 5 or less to succeed. He attacks 3 times and rolls 2, 3 and 6.

Van Helsing gets 2 hits and lowers his Blood points from 4 to 2. Above this, he must drop one of his objects (at his choice).

Next Dracula tries to bite Van Helsing. In contrary to a claw-attack, Van Helsing must roll the die. He needs 2 or less to remain unharmed (equal as his actual Blood points). Van Helsing rolls 3 and loses 2 extra Blood points. He becomes undead and transforms in a vampire. He loses all his objects in the zone.
Note: if Dracula would have failed his bite-attack, he would have lost one Blood point.
Finally, Dracula disappears in an adjacent room.

14 Oct 2010


As explained earlier, you have as many actions points as your actual blood points. Each action costs one action point. In your turn, you can :
- move
- search
- use an object
- attack

You have 4 Action points. Van Helsing moves 3 times and searches the room. You flip over the marker and find the master keys. Now, you can open any locked door.

Dracula has 5 actions points. He moves secretly by noting the arrival dots on a log sheet. Nevertheless, at the start of his turn, he must announce where he is standing. So, the player reveals that Dracula is standing in zone n°20. Dracula enters the room of Van Helsing (1 action). He attacks him twice (2 actions). Then, he moves away to zone n° 19 in order to be hidden again (2 actions). He notes n°19 on his log.

Next: how to attack?

1 Oct 2010

The castle

Here is a 3D view of the castle of Dracula.

The gameboard consists of 3 parts, each part showing one level of the castle.

Each zone has a number, which is useful for the vampire player, as he will move secretly (more or less in a similar way as in "Nuns on the run"). Zone n° 34 indicates the coffin of Dracula. He will start there and he must try to reach it back after finding his brides.
You can move from one level to the other by using one of the 5 small towers.
The dotted squares indicate the places where object counters will be put down. The characters will be able to pick them up and add them on their sheet.

Next: what can you do in your turn?

30 Sept 2010

The characters

There are 5 characters in the game: Dracula and the 4 hunters : Van Helsing, Mina Murray, Jonathan Harker and Lord Godalming.

Each character has one sheet. On this sheet, you see a row with Blood points and a row for objects (bats for Dracula). The Blood points indicate your life points, your action points and the number of objects that you may carry.

At the start of the game, each character starts at the maximum number of Blood points, which is 4 for the hunters and 5 for Dracula.
This is indicated by placing a Blood marker as a diamond on top of the right square.

The hunters get 6 initial objects to divide: a crucifix, a dagger, a pistol,a lamp, an antidote and a first aid kit.

The first problem emerges: who gets which object(s)? The hunters must find an agreement. The objects are placed facedown on the character sheet. Dracula does not need to know who is carrying which object.

The small number on some objects indicate the chance that using the object succeeds. The higher the number the more chance on success.
The asterix indicates that the object can only be used once. After use, you must discard the object.

Soon : the castle and its 3 levels.

27 Sept 2010

Trailer Van Helsing

Here is the trailer for the new game.

I hope you like it as much as we had fun to make it.

The game will be released in the first week of october (in Europe).

9 Sept 2010

Many questions...

Where are these people going to?

What will Lord Godalming chose?

Where is Mina so scared about?

Why is Jonathan Harker holding a rifle?

What is this stake for?

So many questions...
Soon, you will know the answers by looking at the trailer or by playing the game "Van Helsing"!

31 Aug 2010

Teaser trailer

The shooting of the trailer is finished and now I'm busy with the editing.
Here is a first picture as a teaser.

A few interesting facts:

- The trailer was shot close to Borgo Pass in Roumania.
- The actors were selected among the most talented Belgian stars.
- The crew was the "crème de la crème" of the professional filmmakers.
- The original budget was surpassed ten times.
- The producer has expended all his savings due to excessive extras, like a private jet for Van Helsing.
- The director, which is the same person as the producer, got big family problems as his wife had to clean all the mess at the end of the shooting.
- The release of the game is postponed to october in order to allow finishing the editing in time.

30 Jun 2010

Van Helsing

Early September the new game "Van Helsing" from Sirius will be launched.

To promote this game, I'm preparing to shoot a trailer (like for Nuns on the Run).

You may expect the trailer around mid-september.

18 May 2010

FAQ Nuns on the run

Here are the answers on a few commonly asked questions:

1. In the first game-turn, do the novices roll for noise?

2. When do the guards have to select their first path cards?
At the start of their game-turn.

3. Can you chose to re-use the same movement card?
Of course, you can.

4. Do you have to select your movement card before moving?
No, you move first and show the movement card in relation to the distance that you have moved.

5. When does a guard turn after or before moving?
At the start of each movement step, the guard figure is pivoted in the new direction.

6. Can a guard immediately leave her path and start running after seeing a novice?
Yes, she can.

7. When I'm caught, when can I disobey and start moving in another direction than my cell?
As soon as the guard does not see you anymore, you can move in any direction at any speed.

8. When do I flip my card back to the "on the run" side?
At the moment that you aren't walking back to your cell anymore. So, you can remain "caught" (and safe) as long as you are moving in the right direction.

9. When do I have to roll for noises again?
At the end of the turn when you are back "on the run".

10. When do I risk being caught again?
Once, you are back "on the run".

14 Apr 2010

Tactical hints

First of all, a French translation of the rules is now available. You can download it from Board Game Geek, but also from Ludism.

Errata: I've discovered a small missing detail in the English rules. In the first game turn, novices must also roll the die for noises, even though the guards have not moved yet. In this way, guards can detect novices which remained too close to the abbess' cell.

Here are some tactical hints for the guard player :

You need a keen plan to trap the novices in order to catch them easily. First, check were the keys are. Most of them are in the gardens and the chapel. So, there is a big chance that most of the novices will run in that direction at the start of the game. No need to run behind them. Their advance is too big and you will arrive too late. So, you will try to shortcut their plans and run towards the Pharmacy and the Scriptorium. If by chance a novice needs key 7 or 8, he will be surely trapped and caught.
When you arrive at your destination, you are sure that all the undetected novices are in the chapel or gardens. So, now you select paths to cross the whole convent from right to left. When you reach the garden's gate, you will have caught a lot of novices, because most of them will have few escape options.
The game is now halfway and if any novice was still uncaught and undetected at this moment, you must head towards the abbess'cell to block all novices on the way back.
Victory will be yours!

Here are some tactical hints for the novice player :

The guard player thinks that you are stupid, but he is terribly wrong. Instead of moving his guards in opposite directions, he kept them together, leaving a large part of the convent unsearched.
So, at the start of the game he went in the wrong direction. Now you have plenty of time to pick up your key in the gardens or in the chapel. If your key is at the opposite side of the convent, you just need to wait until the guards are gone and you walk quietly behind them, picking up the key without any problem. Then, you go towards the garden's gate and back to your cell, still behind the guards. You win without any problem.
When you are in the chapel or in the gardens while the guards are coming in your direction, take the path outside the convent to pass the guards safely and to reach the kitchen. From there on, you can reach easily your destination and run back towards your cell.
Normally, you should arrive there before the guards. If not, you wait until they move away (without having any idea where you could be) and sneak quickly back in your cell.
It is that easy!

5 Apr 2010

Poker Middelkerke 2010

Saturday April 3th, I've participated together with my sun at the poker tournament in Middelkerke.

Alexander, the youngest player, became 20th on 65 participants. He lost with a straight against a higher one.

Here, I'm sitting at the final table.

My stack of chips is increasing together with my confidence.

The winner of the tournament. She won with a full house of kings and sixs, while I stalled with sixs and kings at the river. Damned!

7 Mar 2010

As d'or - Jeu de l'année Enfant

Cache Moutons, alias Nicht zu fassen, has been awarded again.
After Spiele hit in Austria and a nomination for the Kinderspiel des Jahres, the game has won the prestigious As d'or - Jeu de l'année Enfant. The gala evening took place in Cannes. This new award will surely give a strong boost to the game, and not only in France.

On the picture above, you see from left to right : Jean-Christophe Girez, the French publisher from Gigamic, Albrecht Werstein, the boss of Zoch Spiele (German publisher) and myself.

On the picture below, on the front row, you see all the winners together : myself, Philippe Keyaerts, winner of the Special Jury Prize with Smallworld and finally Emilie from Asmodee with Identik.

3 Mar 2010

Trailer and how to play

Here are three videos to promote the new game "Nuns on the Run".

For the best effect, watch the trailer full screen with dimmed lights and at the highest quality level (480p instead of 360p). Enjoy!

15 Feb 2010

First demos

The first demos are very promising. Apparantly, people are intrigued by the theme of the game.

On the picture, you see the abbess and prioress walking away after having detected and caught novice Theresa (me) in the chapel.

12 Feb 2010

Nomination As d'or

Cache Moutons, the French version of Nicht zu fassen has been nominated for the As d'or award.

The game is still in competition against 9 other strong games, like Smallworld from my Belgian friend Philippe Keyaerts. This will be a tough decision for the jury and big suspense for me.

8 Feb 2010

Sales Saboteur Burst

The international release of Saboteur in new markets as Canada, Australia, Japan and China gave a new push to the game. The game is actually distributed in 18 different language versions.

Compared to last year the sales increased by app. 40 %. The counter is now at 290 000 sold copies. Big sales for such a small game.
Let us imagine that on average 5 persons played the game per sold copy. This means that probably 1 450 000 persons already played the game. Isn't it amazing?

Nevertheless, half of the sales are still for the account of only 2 countries : Germany and France. In Belgium, sales must be around 20 000 copies. I've no exact accounts as the game was first distributed by Holland and France.

Look at the graph below and judge yourself.

7 Jan 2010

Nuns on the run is ready for shipping

On March 11, Mayfair Games (USA) will release one of the games, which I cherish most. The title tells really where it is about.

During the night, the new novices run around in the convent instead of sleeping in their cell. They want to fulfill a secret wish. The abbess "mother Benedicte" and prioress "mother Clara" start their round in order to capture the naughty girls.

Soon more info about it.