20 Jan 2012

New sales figs Saboteur

As I'm a fan of statistics, especially when the figures are good, here are the new sales results for the game Saboteur. About 130 000 copies of Saboteur were sold in 2011, which is twice as much as in 2010. The total sales have now reached 480 000 samples! The successful launch of Saboteur 2 is probably the simpliest explanation of this exceptional result.
Also interesting is to evaluate how the sales are distributed over the 8 years. France is leading with 24 %, followed by Germany 19%. The Benelux represents 14% of the worldwide sales, which is not bad for a population of 28 million people. After the USA, we have the Baltic States on the 5th position, which is in fact an extraordinary result because its population is only 6,6 million people.
Actually, there are 21 different language versions available.

Besides these official sales numbers there are also numerous pirate Chinese copies for sale, but as these generate no royalties, I can't include them in the graphs.

Thanks for your interest in the game.