26 Apr 2011


According to the rules, all vampires must announce in which direction they flee when leaving a room with a hunter.
To give Dracula and his minions a small advantage, you can agree to skip this rule.

In this way, a vampire can use his last movement point to disappear. The hunters will have to guess where the vampire moves to.

Game aid + extra note pads

On Boardgame Geek, I've posted a handy game aid in order to help Dracula reading the zone numbers secretly without revealing his position. Besides, you find a summary of the most important rules.

You can also download extra movement log sheets to print out.

Saboteur collection

Nearly the whole Saboteur collection:

Lower row: French metal box, versions for Australia, Poland, Spain and Japan.

Second row: Belgian metal box, versions for Baltic States, Germany, China & Greece.

Third row: versions for Singapore, Hungary & Czech Republic.

Upper row: Italian metal box, version for Italy, Extensions for US, Holland & France.

18 Apr 2011


This new card game, published by White Goblin Games will be available end of May.

Here you can see the trailer:

12 Apr 2011

Where is it about?

After the dead of chief Yonaguska, the Cherokee tribe gather together in order to designate a new leader. All clans (the Birds, the Blue, the Wild Potato, the Deer, the Wolf and the Long Hair) compete.
As usual by the Indians, the old and wise members have the most influence (represented by their feathers). However at the top of the hierarchy, they are also vulnerable due to their high age. Young guys are very competitive and will try to move upwards,  tackling their opponents.
Which clan will gather the most feathers and can nominate the new leader?

Players : 2 - 4
Age : 10 and up
Duration : 30 minutes

Game components: Rules of play + 106 cards