22 Jun 2013

Epic variant

If you like some variation for Saboteur, David Cheng has given me the following idea which gives an extra twist to your favourite game. It's playable for Saboteur as for Saboteur 2 as well.

  • When you reach the princess, you get immediately 2 gold points.
  • When you reach the dragon, the round is immediately halted and won by the saboteurs.
These 2 cards come in addition to the 3 Gold destination cards.

For the moment, it's still in a play-testing phase. If you want to try it, you can download the files & rules, print them out and give your comments on Board Game Geek.

14 Jun 2013

Ukranian Saboteur version

The game Saboteur is expanded by a Ukranian version. This version includes also Russian rules and consists of the basic game and the expansion, solded separately.

As a coïncidence, the Facebook application for Saboteur has been developed by a Ukranian team.