17 Jan 2011

First peak at the extension

The new French edition of Saboteur is ready and will be launched soon.
The large box (right) contains the basic version and the extension.

In the extension, the game is playable from 2 to 12 players (and always perfectly balanced).
One of the new ideas is to add new roles: from left to right, you see the boss, the profiteer and the geologist.
Besides, the miners are divided in 2 groups: the blue and the green, who compete against each other!

There are a lot of new action cards: you can peak at the role of another player, change your role during a round, put someone in prison, steal gold and more.

There are also new path cards: bridges, ladders providing short-cuts, doors, which blocks the opponent team and cristals for the geologists.

To conclude: a lot of new ideas to add more variety and fun to my best-selling game. My best reference: the playtesters loved the extension.