18 May 2010

FAQ Nuns on the run

Here are the answers on a few commonly asked questions:

1. In the first game-turn, do the novices roll for noise?

2. When do the guards have to select their first path cards?
At the start of their game-turn.

3. Can you chose to re-use the same movement card?
Of course, you can.

4. Do you have to select your movement card before moving?
No, you move first and show the movement card in relation to the distance that you have moved.

5. When does a guard turn after or before moving?
At the start of each movement step, the guard figure is pivoted in the new direction.

6. Can a guard immediately leave her path and start running after seeing a novice?
Yes, she can.

7. When I'm caught, when can I disobey and start moving in another direction than my cell?
As soon as the guard does not see you anymore, you can move in any direction at any speed.

8. When do I flip my card back to the "on the run" side?
At the moment that you aren't walking back to your cell anymore. So, you can remain "caught" (and safe) as long as you are moving in the right direction.

9. When do I have to roll for noises again?
At the end of the turn when you are back "on the run".

10. When do I risk being caught again?
Once, you are back "on the run".