30 Jul 2015

Saboteur sales update

If you are wondering how the game Saboteur is actually selling, here is a new graph showing the sales repartition among the 4 versions of the game.
The top seller is still the basic version (blue). Saboteur 2, the expansion, is sometimes available in a small box (red) and sometimes in a big box, including the basic version (green).
The lastest version, Saboteur duel (orange), is already selling well although it's only available in 7 countries for the moment. Other countries should follow.

We can also notice on the graph that the sales numbers started to boost once the first expansion was released on the market in 2011.

The total sales have now reached nearly 1 200 000 copies.


Mihai said...

The old Android app is not available anymore. Please develop an Android app or have someone do it. I would buy it.

Frederic said...

You can play the game for free on your PC via Board Game Arena.